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How To Clean Concrete With Muriatic Acid

How to Clean Concrete with Muriatic Acid

Through the years, concrete has been one of the top choices as materials for floorings in basements, garages, driveways, and patios among house builders and homeowners. Since concrete can stand the test of time due to its sturdiness, dirt and germs can accumulate so it needs constant cleaning and washing. One of the best ways to keep your concrete floorings clean and germ-free is by cleaning it with a muriatic acid solution.

But before we go on with the details, here are some basic information about your concrete floorings.

The Pros Of Having Concrete Flooring

  • Durability - A properly installed concrete flooring can last as long as your house, sometimes even longer. It can also stand different weather conditions and a wide range of temperatures. Because of its hard surface, it can tolerate weight, pressures, and scratches, making it an appealing choice for many homeowners as floorings for their basements, garages, driveways, and patios.
  • Versatility - Outdoor concrete floorings complement modern, contemporary homes. Also, different techniques have been applied to make concrete finishing more stylish in different colors and textures giving diverse designs options. Stamping patterns emulate bricks and stones while embossing or engraving mimics natural stones and marbles for a more luxurious finish. Today, concrete floors also dominated home interiors proving its appeal and versatility.
  • Practicality - The installation cost for concrete floors varies depending on its finish but basic designs can be very affordable compared to the durability and versatility that it can offer. It also requires low-cost maintenance making it a practical choice for those who are in the budget.

The Downside

  • Hardness - The hard and sturdy surface of concrete floors can also be a liability. Falling or slipping on concrete floors may cause injuries. Also, concrete floors coated with gloss sealers can be very slippery especially when wet. This is the reason why it is not advisable for areas that will be used by children and the elderly. 
  • Low insulation - Concrete floors can feel colder especially during winter. To counter this, it should be installed with a floor heating system or cover with thick carpets and rugs.
  • Cracking - As concrete floors endure temperature, pressure, settling, and moisture, over time, cracks will develop on its surface. Cement paste and other patching materials can conceal these cracks.
  • Moisture Retention - Concrete flooring should be properly sealed to prevent moisture to penetrate especially when laid directly over bare soil. Its cool temperature can cause moisture to condense during hot weather. This can damage surface treatments like paints and can cause molds and mildews to grow.

Since concrete floors are often used in driveways, patios, and garages, dirt from the soil, water, grease, stains, spills, and chemicals are inevitable. That is why it is always important to know how to keep your concrete floors clean and free from germs.

How To Clean A Concrete Surface With A Muriatic Acid Solution

One of the most common methods of removing stubborn dirt and stains on outdoor concrete floors is by using muriatic acid.  

Muriatic acid is one of the most common substances when it comes to household cleaning and disinfection. It is known for its highly corrosive properties that it is always advised to use it with caution as it may cause burning, and even skin and eye irritation. As a cleaner, muriatic acid is only advised when gentler alternative cleaners are already used with no avail.

  • Protect yourself - Although well-known and commonly used, it doesn’t make muriatic acid less dangerous. It should always be used with caution. Use chemical-resistant suits or clothing, rubber boots, gloves, face shields, and goggles. These can protect you from possible acid burns, skin, and sinus irritations.
  • Prepare the solution - Make the cleaning solution by adding one part of acid to three parts of water. It is always important to slowly add the acid to the water and not water to the acid. Adding water to the acid may cause a chemical reaction that can create an explosion. Use plastic buckets and wooden rods (never use metal) in preparing the solution.
  • Application - Once the acid solution is ready, you can spray or paint it on the target dirt or stain. For floors and driveways, you can apply it using a paintbrush or a sprayer. Leave the solution for twenty minutes. You will notice that the solution will bubble as a sign of a chemical reaction. You can repeat the process or scrub the area if needed.
  • Rinse - Once the dirt and stains are removed, you can wash your driveways and floors with plenty of water using buckets or spray.
  • A reminder: - Keep neutralizing agents like baking soda, garden lime, and water handy in case of an accident.  Also, make sure that the area is clear. Keep pets and children away, as well as anything that you do not want to be ruined. Be sure that the area is well ventilated while doing the process.

Be sure to read and follow the directions carefully on the products that you are using. If you are not sure about the product and the process, it is better to contact specialists in your area who are equipped with the expertise in dealing with this hazardous job and bring excellent results.

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