Cleaning Tips by Your Local Pressure Washing Company

Cleaning Tips by Your Local Pressure Washing Company

Pressure Washing vs. Soft Washing: Updated for 2019 [Infographic]

Pressure washing VS Soft washing

There are a ton of organizations offering a service called soft washing. They all pitch a similar thing: "safer than pressure cleaning," "get spotless with no pressure," "the best approach to clean your home," etc.

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Pressure Washing Project in Antioch, Tn | Before & After

Pressure washing project - after

When we get the call to pressure wash a property, there are a couple things that run through our head immediately. First, what kind of substrate does that home contain? Is it vinyl siding, brick, stucco, or so forth? All have a completely different approach to cleaning.

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TOP 3 Benefits Of SoftWashing Your Roof

Fire moss

Soft washing means applying cleansers at a low pressure to your roof and afterward carefully rinsing away the contaminants with clean water. Unlike power washing, soft washing causes less damage to your home and helps it remain clean for a longer period of time. There's no need to remove any screens, and there's less danger of damaging windows and seals around the windows with this method.

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3 WORST Items to Use on Your Windows

Worst items for windows

Windex seems to hold a monopoly for cleaning windows, but this ammonia-based cleaner is dangerous to keep around small children. After all, the ingredients listed in Windex ( from Whats Inside SC Johnson are toxic and harmful:

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Gutter Cleaning | Why it's Mandatory

Paneling house gutter cleaning

The gutters on your home are filling up, and that ladder behind the garage is peeking out at you like, "Hey, let's do this!" Gutter Cleaning becomes a monotonous chore every other season that you as the homeowner have to take care of.

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Prevent The Wintertime Blues: Preparing Your House For Cold Weather

Prevent wintertime blues

If you’re diligent enough to winterize your car, your lawn, and your wardrobe, why wouldn’t you do the same for your home? Cold weather, snow, and ice take a toll on a house, yet many homeowners don’t bother with pre-winter maintenance.

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Quick Tip: Cleaning Windows without a Solution

Cleaning windows without a solution

Most professional window cleaners won't tell you this or at least will not advertise the fact that you don't HAVE to clean windows with water or some type of solution. There are ways around needing solutions!

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Quick Tip: Storm Windows, Removal, and Cleaning

Storm windows

Hey, guys! I did a video on the subject of why Storm Windows cost an extreme amount to clean. You can view it by clicking the video link in this article!

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