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Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

Pressure washing does give satisfying results when it comes to building exterior cleaning. There is no doubt about it. In no time, you can give your building facade its much-needed make-over making it clean and beautiful. Yes, you may spend some bucks, but it will always be worth it given the benefits and that you can get from it.

But like any other machines, the incorrect use of pressure washers can do more harm than good. This can lead to numerous problems including injuries to humans and damage to properties.

That is why it is always advised to leave the pressure washing jobs to experts who can handle the job with utmost care and effectiveness while observing necessary safety and precautions.

Just like what every professional pressure washing company believes, not all things, or not all surfaces for that matter, can be washed through pressure washing.

Here is a list of things that you should never pressure wash:

  • Electrical panels, meters, and equipment - It is common knowledge that any electrical equipment should not be cleaned with water. This can cause damage to the equipment and can also cause dangers of electrocution. That is why during pressure washing, it is advised to check if all electrical outlets and equipment are turned off, covered, or removed. Although outdoor electronic fixtures are made to withstand rain and storms, having them pressure washed is a different story. The water pressure can force water into cracks and crevices that can cause damage and expensive repairs in the future.
  • Roofs and gutters - Roofs and gutters need regular cleaning to avoid greater problems and costly maintenance in the future. However, these surfaces are delicate to be pressure wash. Dirt and debris like twigs, dried leaves, and little tee branches can be removed by hand. Soft washing and low-pressure washing are effective enough to do the cleaning. It can remove dirt and stains while keeping delicate surfaces safe from any damage. Too much water pressure can ruin roofs and loosen gutters from the building structure. Also, doing pressure washing in high places can be very dangerous since the powerful force can throw you off the roof or the ladder.
  • Asphalt Shingles - As mentioned, pressure washing on roofs is not advisable, especially if it is made of delicate materials. One roof covering that is commonly used is asphalt since it is easy to install. Although asphalt shingles are effective for waterproofing, they cannot handle too much water pressure as they can damage granules that serve as protective coverings.
  • Air Conditioners - Although air conditioners are attached to walls, making them visible from the outside, it does not mean that you can clean them through pressure washing. Air conditioning units require a different process of cleaning compared to walls and sidings. Pressure washing can crush and bend the unit’s parts, therefore, causing damage.
  • Lead Paint - Lead is added to paint for easy drying, durability, and moisture resistance. There are some countries that prohibit the use of lead paint due to the health and environmental hazards that it brings. Never remove lead paint with a pressure washer as it can blast off these toxic particles in the air causing dangers. Lead paint should be contained when removed.
  • Wood and Vinyl Sidings - As delicate materials, wood and vinyl sidings should not be pressure wash. Pressure washing wood sidings can cause water to enter affecting a structure’s interior. Wet wood can even invite molds and algae that can later cause deterioration. Also, pressure washing vinyl sidings can cause dents and cracks. These can all leave unsightly marks and permanent damages to surfaces. Soft washing is recommended for vinyl and wood sidings, as well as other delicate outdoor surfaces.
  • Old Mortar - Mortar is used to fill gaps between bricks and blocks. Applying too much water pressure in cleaning mortar, or any porous materials can cause damage, especially on older structures. Any loose material will definitely blow off with high water pressure.
  • Windows - Building facade and even interiors lose it appeals when windows are filled with streaks, dirt, and other impurities. That is why it needs regular cleaning to further boost home and residential curb appeal. However, pressure washing is a big no when it comes to window cleaning. Instead, professionals use soft washing techniques to give windows the delicate care that it deserves while cleaning.
  • Outdoor Furniture - Although some pieces of outdoor furniture are safe to pressure wash, it does not apply to all. Check on the materials on what the furniture is made of before cleaning. Those with wood finish should not be clean with high pressure as it can cause damage. Patio umbrellas and those with fabric covers will also be ripped off with pressure.
  • Living Things - Do not underestimate the power of pressure washers. This is the reason why you should not aim its nozzle at humans, pets, and even plants. Its pressure is strong enough to cause injuries and damage.
  • Cars - Pressure washing cars can cause dents and dings and may chip paints, leaving unsightly marks. The same thing goes with motorcycles, bicycles, golf carts, and the likes.

Need some professional pressure washing?

Pressure washing is not an easy task. It requires proper training and experience to handle pressure washing jobs with precautions and efficiency.

Although different types of pressure washers are available in the market, it does not mean that if you can afford them, you can already use them.

Given the effectiveness of pressure washing in giving satisfying results, do not get too excited and apply it to every cleaning job. As mentioned above, pressure washing is not applicable to all types of surfaces.

This shows the importance of choosing a professional pressure washing company for any exterior cleaning projects, be it for commercial or residential cleaning purposes. For exterior cleaning needs in Nashville and other cities in Tennessee, we, at Nash Clean Windows and Pressure Washing is ready to serve you. We have a team that understands every exterior surface and the cleaning process that is applicable to them.

Leave the job to us and we can always assure you of satisfying results.

If you are looking for a pressure washing company, then please call Nashville Clean Windows & Pressure Washing 615-669-8098 or complete our online request form.


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